I did quite enjoy driving the Jaguar XF this weekend. Luckily no snow fell on the white cat until this morning.

Not sure how I feel about the white but it will blend in with the snow today.

Cold, damp, grey skies, grey German crossover…depressing work from home day.

Testing the dark blue with tan interior Outback I wanted versus dark grey with black the wife went with. Side by side not much difference. Felt like a couple who dresses the same when we dropped the kids off at daycare.

The HSE stands for “Holy Smokes it’s Expensive.”

Not sure if the style is classic or dated.

It looks pretty but it’s heavy and wet. Train into the city Range Rover on the way home.

Testing this 2010 model all weekend. 33k miles. Lots of toddler shoe scuffmarks. And yes that’s the stock suspension.

It’s like the test car gods upgraded the Nissan Murano I drove last night with this. Like magic. Dig the wheels.

In the past month I’ve been in the GMC Terrain, Ford Edge and now Nissan Murano. Tough segment.

I’m sometimes amazed at how good I can make a car look with a phone and $2 app. Not that the Verano is a bad looking car.

The Buick Verano is tiny in back. Think the kids fit better in the Hyundai Accent.

Things you miss with digital music: personal notes in your @dischordpress mail order.

Name that dashboard grain!